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VOLUNTEERS SOUGHT TO SERVE ON A COUNTY REGULATORY REFORM TASK FORCE TO DEVELOP RECCOMENDATIONS ON THE SHORELINE MASTER PROGRAM PERIODIC REVIEW Jefferson County seeks interested individuals and organization representatives who share an interest in regulatory reform and a desire to assist in the update to Jefferson County’s Shoreline Master Program (SMP), to serve on a local Regulatory Reform Task Force.

TRC Completes Interviews with all County Commissioner Candidates

Tarboo Ridge Coalition recently conducted 40-minute interviews with District 2 candidates Heidi Eisenhower, Amanda Furnaro, and Lorna Smith, as well as with Kate Dean who is running unopposed in District 1. The interviews followed written responses to questions emailed to each candidate. TRC thanks all the candidates for their responsiveness to TRC’s concerns and their willingness to run for public office and serve our county.

Each candidate displayed knowledge about our work opposing the establishment of paramilitary compounds and new gun outdoor gun ranges in Jefferson County, and also about the many other challenges our county faces with housing, infrastructure, job creation, education, and revenue generation.

In requesting written responses and interviews, TRC’s goal was to evaluate the candidates’ positions on the indoor-only ordinance for new gun ranges, enforcement of the new code and the need to fill existing gaps on enforcement in the code, public access to information on policy development, environmental protection of natural resources, and other challenges facing our county.

All the candidates are articulate, thoughtful, competent, and committed individuals, and we are grateful they chose to step up and run for office. Based on the process TRC conducted, we believe that one candidate’s knowledge and experience on our issues stands out and will be particularly valuable in the years ahead. TRC plans to announce our recommendation and endorsement on July 1 for you to consider as you fill in your ballots.

Please be sure to vote in this important election. Primary ballots will be mailed to District 2 voters on July 15 and must be returned by August 4. The “top two” in the primary will face off in the November general election.

The Tarbo Ridge Coalition stands against racism, police brutality, and the militarization of law enforcement. We mourn the murders of fellow citizens killed by police and vigilantes: George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and a shameful, long list of black and brown people dating back to the founding of our state and country.

We extend our deepest condolences to the families of these men and women. We must know and remember to say their names. We must remember our responsibility to defend civil and human rights for all. And we must redress the over-policing of people of color and the under-policing of white militias and criminal actors.

TRC finds a measure of hope in the growing recognition of systemic racism and the need for fundamental and lasting change in our society. The Jefferson County Sheriffs’ Department is taking important steps to upgrade their policies and operations for which we are grateful.

As citizens, we must also support efforts by grass roots organizations working on systemic racism and oppression and look deep into our own hearts daily for ways to actively support fairness and equity. We rededicate ourselves to peaceful protest, protections for our shared constitutional and civil rights, environmental justice and opposition to paramilitary and racist groups on the Olympic Peninsula and beyond.

Actions speak loudest. Let us act deliberately. Let us work together.