Members of the Tarboo Ridge Coalition

How We Came Together

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The Tarboo Ridge Coalition represents people who have lived in the area for generations, retired school teachers, military personnel suffering from PTSD, people whose livelihood depends on their livestock, beekeepers, flower farmers, salmon savers, tree huggers, tree loggers, gun lovers and gun haters, as well as many others… all just regular human beings who moved to this area in search of a home that encompasses the quiet and integrity of a rural life.

Our mission is to preserve the integrity of the Tarboo Ridge area. We support our families, forests, farms and other small businesses dependent on a healthy rural environment. We wish to protect the critical environmental successes and a culture that represents the very best that Jefferson County has to offer.

However, a proposed development by Security Services Northwest (later changed to a sister company Fort Discovery, Inc.) poses a threat to the safety, environmental well-being and future development of our community.

For the past 15 years Fort Discovery Inc. has operated a military style weapons training facility on a leased parcel of property on Discovery Bay. This facility, which has long been controversial with nearby residents and businesses, was shut down in the latter part of 2017. In June 2017, Security Services Northwest filed a pre-application to develop a 40-acre property into a weapons training facility on the north shore of Tarboo Lake. According the pre-application on file the private complex would feature seven gun ranges, cabins, a clubhouse, two helicopter landing pads and more.

The Tarboo Ridge Coalition believes that this proposed facility is a threat to public safety due to its proximity to state highways, county roads and public recreation areas. The coalition also believes it raises serious environmental concerns due to its proximity to sensitive fish and wildlife habitat. In addition, the location of the facility conflicts with current land use policy and will negatively affect current businesses and property owners in the area.

Overarching all this is the unrelenting noise, whether from a single gun range or many, that will disturb this peaceful rural area that includes the neighborhoods surrounding this proposed site:  Tarboo Valley, Eaglemount, Snow Creek, Lake Leland and Crocker Lake. An estimated 350 homes are located within a three mile radius. The level of noise created on an illegal gun range that was shut down a few years ago—a range that existed very near to the proposed new site—is evidence enough to us that this new and more intense proposal will be devastating to our neighborhoods.