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TRC at the Jefferson County Fair – August 2019

WE HEARD IT AT THE FAIR The Tarboo Ridge Coalition’s Jefferson County Fair booth received many visitors over the August 11th weekend. And did they ever have questions!! In a nutshell most people were simply dumbfounded by the County Commission’s recent new ordinance that allows private, for profit military and paramilitary training in 76% of […]


Tarboo Ridge Coalition (TRC) hosted 37 leaders from communities throughout Jefferson County for breakfast at the Old Alcohol Plant in Port Hadlock on Saturday, March 23.  During the 4-hour session, representatives from 12 areas extending from Brinnon to Port Townsend and from the Hood Canal Bridge to Discovery Bay expressed concern about new County ordinances […]

A new year with the BOCC

It is TRC’s intention to use a multi-pronged approach to continuing our fight against large for-profit gun facilities in Jefferson County. One prong will be continuing to work to influence our county commissioners towards the will of the people in this county. A copy of this letter was sent to each commissioner last week: The […]

It’s Time to Pull Together To Save Jefferson County

January, 2019 After the County’s new Shooting Range Safety Ordinance passed, along with revisions to the Land Use Regulations regarding shooting ranges, we heard from friends who said, “Well, that’s over,” or “So glad you won!” Unfortunately, they’re wrong. It’s not over. We haven’t won. Despite hours of public hearings, despite months of meetings with […]

What’s the big secret?

What’s Fair -What’s Not? A day after agreeing to “mediation”, Fort Discovery’s attorney and the County began regular weekly meetings. These meetings extended throughout the 16 weeks during which a committee helped the County create a new ordinance expanding the size, scope and intensity of allowed gun range activities. Mr. D’Amico was a member of […]

Clarification on TRC’s position on JCSA’s training of local law enforcement

There have been a lot of rumors about what TRC thinks about the Jefferson County Sportsman’s Association. Tarboo Ridge Coalition has never taken a position or commented about JCSA at a public hearing. We respect their long held practice of training recreational shooters. The following statement is one of the Planning Commission’s recommendations:  “18. 20.430 […]

One last pre-Thanksgiving assignment

Yes! Another Call to Action! Keep our gun ranges small and recreational! TRC supported the moratorium because we thought we would have a stronger ordinance to protect the county. This has not happened. The previous ordinance supported “small, recreational gun ranges”. The new one allows for large commercial ranges. There is overwhelming support in this […]

What you need to know about the next steps

Planning Commission Public Hearing Wednesday, November 7 5:30 – 7:30 Chimacum High School Written Comments accepted October 24 – November 9 at 4:30 Submit to: plancomm@cojefferson.wa.us Subject line: ZON18 – 00036 Yes, this is still a roller coaster, but don’t get off now! Background The newly passed gun range ordinance impacts two aspects of the […]