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New County Ordinance Opens Jefferson County Commercial Forests to For-profit Military and Paramilitary Training

November 3, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE On Friday November 2, the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance that opens commercial forest in Jefferson County to large-scale, for-profit military and paramilitary training. Because the ordinance contains no restrictions on the scale or types of shooting or tactical training that is allowed, Jefferson County will […]

Joe D’Amico Ignores Jefferson County Moratorium Ordinance

A moratorium ordinance, unanimously passed on December 18, 2017 by the Jefferson County BOCC, prohibits the “the submission, acceptance, processing or approval of any Jefferson County permit applications for any proposed use, development, or project for siting, construction or modification of any commercial shooting facility…. during the moratorium”. The moratorium expires December 17, 2018. Joe […]

Hearing Continues October 24th

Thanks to all the TRC supporters who attended the long hearing at the Jefferson County Courthouse Monday evening. The crowd was large and some did not get their turn to speak. A public continuance session has been scheduled for Wednesday October 24, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the McCurdy Pavilion located at Fort Worden in Port […]

The TRC Responds to Draft Shooting Range Ordinance

The TRC submitted 12 changes to Jefferson County’s draft commercial shooting range ordinance. The effort thus far is a good start, but fails to meet the goals outlined in the Moratorium Ordinance. The draft ordinance needs to be strengthened to protect people, places, and property. We propose twelve essential changes to the County’s draft ordinance: […]

Draft ordinance encapsulated: what you need to know

Prepared by the Tarboo Ridge Coalition 8 September 2018 Background The Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) voted in December 2017 to declare a one-year moratorium on considering applications for commercial shooting facilities. The moratorium ordinance created a committee charged with developing draft legislation regulating commercial shooting ranges. The goal of this proposed ordinance was to […]

Reject training our military on privately owned gun ranges

Yesterday at the Board of County Commissioners meeting TRC board member Teri Hein warned against allowing military training at privately owned gun ranges. Read her remarks below: Good Morning Commissioners: The Commercial Shooting Range Review Committee (CSFRC) will soon forward their recommendations to you. We expect and hope the recommendations will be at least as […]

Luck in the Pot and Peace in the Feast

The TRC Peace Feast, held at the site of Concerts in the Barn on Sunday, August 6th, was a living, breathing example of what we love most about Jefferson County: great people, great food, and a vision for what a thriving rural community can be. The 150+ attendees, ranging in age from 6 months to […]

“Nobody lives there.” We disagree!

There are those that believe the area adjacent to Tarboo Lake is a good place for a paramilitary weapons training camp because “nobody lives there.” We beg to differ. An estimated 350 families live within a 3 mile radius of this proposed facility and, if it were to be approved, would listen 6 – 7 […]

Tarboo: The Little Creek that Could

If we ran a contest to create a motto for Tarboo Creek, I’d nominate a passage from Luke 4:24: “no prophet is accepted in his hometown.” Just seven and a half miles long from tip to tail; reduced to flows of a mere two cubic feet per second in the height of the mid-summer drought; […]