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Yes to Operating Permits!

Public Comment addressed to Jefferson County Board of Commissioners by Peter Newland, TRC Board Member, on May 29, 2018 “I’m here this morning representing the Tarboo Ridge Coalition, a community group opposed to locating a paramilitary gun complex on the shores of Tarboo Lake. Over 200 of our supporters attended the moratorium hearing on new […]

And what about those moratorium meetings?

People in this county breathed a sigh of relief when our commissioners declared a year-long moratorium on new gun range permits last December. It was the right time to consider what policies need to be in place when issuing permits.The current guidelines are not sufficient for the county to make responsible decisions around these sensitive […]

What have Joe D’Amico and his attorney been doing lately?

They’ve been busy. Mr. Greg Overstreet has stated in multiple letters to individuals in our community that “Mr. D’Amico hired me as full-time, in-house counsel to, among other things, pursue defamation actions against people who knowingly misrepresent the truth about him and his business, especially to permitting authorities.” And: “Please have your attorney contact me […]

Advice to the TRC: “Stick to the Facts!”

The TRC board is happy to announce that Dmitri Iglitzin, a partner attorney with Schwerin Campbell Barnard Iglitzin & Lavitt, LLP will be assisting us specifically in the area of libel/slander in our fight to stop the “Cedar Hills Recreational Facility” from happening. The TRC Board was concerned that Security Services Northwest’s full-time, in-house legal […]

Meet TRC’s legal counsel, Alex A. Sidles, J.D.

After interviewing numerous attorneys, TRC has chosen Alex Sidles as the best person to represent us in our work to save our rural environment. His history in the military and knowledge of weaponry combined with his love of the outdoors makes him a compelling choice. Alex is an Associate at Bricklin and Newman, a highly […]

Kathleen Kler will not run again for County Commissioner

Kathleen Kler has announced that for personal reasons she will not run for another term as Jefferson County Commissioner. This is disappointing for the Tarboo Ridge Coalition as we have felt confident in her leadership as our representative in south county. We sincerely thank her for her work up to now and her continuing hard […]

Final action on moratorium: sensible planning proceeds

Today the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) gave final approval for the Moratorium Ordinance passed on December 18, 2017, as revised to allow noise testing. Now in place is a “moratorium of up to one year on permits to modify existing or establish new commercial shooting facilities in unincorporated Jefferson County… [during which time] Jefferson […]

Public hearing on the moratorium draws capacity crowd

A public hearing was held in the County Courthouse to hear citizen comments. It was standing-room-only in the hearing room, with TRC supporters in the strong majority, expressing overwhelming support for the moratorium. The 1200 signatures on the TRC petition were presented as part of the testimony. Read Kirk Boxleitner’s article in the PT Leader here […]

Over 1200 petition signers say YES to the Jefferson County moratorium ordinance!

Together, we did it! Dedicated TRC volunteers collected 1,237 signatures from Jefferson County residents and property owners supporting the Moratorium. The initial goal for signatures was three hundred, but the final result far surpassed that goal! Residents were eager to sign for sensible planning for shooting ranges in the county. The petition also expressed a resounding […]

Jefferson County commissioners vote to proceed with mediation between Fort Discovery, Inc. and the county

Jefferson Country’s mediation with Fort Discovery, Inc. means that mediation and the moratorium will proceed on parallel tracks. Everyone who supports TRC and the moratorium should still plan to attend the February 5 public hearing. The County wants our suggestions for reasonable rules to safeguard public safety and regulate commercial shooting facilities that might be […]