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Jefferson County imposes one year moratorium on shooting ranges

On Monday, Jefferson County commissioners imposed a one-year moratorium on permitting new commercial gun ranges. They also announced the formation of a citizen’s advisory committee whose purpose is to “study the safety, environmental and land use impacts of commercial shooting facilities.” We support this one-year moratorium—it’s timely and appropriate as there are currently no permit […]

Shooting range support: legislators deny giving it

An article in today’s Port Townsend Leader reported that state legislators denied giving their support to Joe D’Amico’s proposal to site a weapons training facility on Tarboo Lake.  D’Amico had issued a press release on September 1st stating, “We have support from the 24th District legislators” in addition to the S’Klallam tribe.  Upon being contacted, Representatives Tharinger […]

Tensions with Discovery Bay

I’ve been researching the tensions between Mr. D’Amico and the Discovery Bay Alliance which,  if my understanding is correct, was formed to deal with the incessant gunfire and other related noise coming from the Fort Discovery site near Gardiner. A Seattle Times article dated January 8, 2007 helps explain the tensions. I would like to […]

A gun training facility near by?

An article in today’s Port Townsend Leader reported that Joe D’Amico has submitted a pre-application to install what he calls a “recreational and training facility” on the north shore of Tarboo Lake.  Apparently he has leased 40 acres from James Worthington (think Worthington mansion in Quilcene). This “recreational and training facility”, according to the newspaper, […]