Clarification on TRC’s position on JCSA’s training of local law enforcement

There have been a lot of rumors about what TRC thinks about the Jefferson County Sportsman’s Association.

Tarboo Ridge Coalition has never taken a position or commented about JCSA at a public hearing. We respect their long held practice of training recreational shooters.

The following statement is one of the Planning Commission’s recommendations:  “18. 20.430 Commercial and Non -Commercial Shooting Facilities 1) Organizational training for armed forces, law enforcement or paramilitary organizations is prohibited at any commercial shooting facility or any non-commercial shooting facility.”

We wish to clarify that the TRC supports the JCSA’s stated purpose, which is to “Provide free use of the facility for training purposes to local law enforcement agencies.”

This unambiguous language comes directly from the existing Operating and License Agreement between Jefferson County  and JCSA.

The current agreement with Jefferson County does not include law enforcement training for other counties nor does it include training for military groups. Training for such groups adds a burden to the JCSA in that it takes away time for members to use the facility as well as creating additional noise above and beyond what is expected for “local” uses.

It is the TRC’s position that this recommendation either:
a) assumes a “grandfathered” status for local law enforcement to continue training at the JCSA, or
b) requires a modification in language to allow the JCSA to continue providing free use of the facility for local law enforcement ONLY