Final action on moratorium: sensible planning proceeds

Today the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) gave final approval for the Moratorium Ordinance passed on December 18, 2017, as revised to allow noise testing. Now in place is a “moratorium of up to one year on permits to modify existing or establish new commercial shooting facilities in unincorporated Jefferson County… [during which time] Jefferson County will assess the impacts of existing and future commercial shooting facilities on public safety, the environment, and land use compatibility, and identify reasonable mitigating measures.” (source: Ordinance No. 05-1218-17; and BoCC Agenda Request dated February 20, 2018).

Thank you TRCers, for your part in supporting the Moratorium with your letters, appearances at public hearings, and petition signatures!

The BoCC will now turn to forming a nine-member Review Committee to be composed of: “ a resident or property owner from each of the three Commissioner Districts, a representative of tribal interests if they wish, one at-large County resident or property owner, a representative of each current commercial shooting facility, the Director of the Department of Community Development or designee, the County Sheriff or designee, and the Director of Environmental Health or designee…(and) a consultant to provide expertise and professional support to help the Review Committee and the County in their work to evaluate impacts, identify mitigation measures, and develop reasonable regulations to address them.”  Read more about the Jefferson County Moratorium Ordinance document here. And see the local news coverage about the public hearing that appeared in the PT Leader and the Peninsula Daily News—Robyn Johnson