A gun training facility near by?

An article in today’s Port Townsend Leader reported that Joe D’Amico has submitted a pre-application to install what he calls a “recreational and training facility” on the north shore of Tarboo Lake.  Apparently he has leased 40 acres from James Worthington (think Worthington mansion in Quilcene). This “recreational and training facility”, according to the newspaper, proposes to include seven gun ranges, two helicopter pads, bunk houses, an RV park and other facilities.

Probably the most concerning quote from Mr. D’Amico to me came from his own press release:

“Our intent is to relocate the higher-intensity uses of Fort Discovery to this location, which is surrounded by commercial forestland,” D’Amico said in a press release, echoing Johnson.

I’m already aware that the facility he has had on Discovery Bay has caused a great deal of friction with his neighbors because of the relentless noise which, I believe, includes explosions and tons of semi-automatic fire. To say we here in the peaceful Tarboo Valley are concerned is, well, an understatement.

The property where all this is proposed is located on the north end of Tarboo Lake where many people recreate. It is immediately surrounded by Pope timberland, but there are many, many homes within a 5 mile radius, that would be adversely affected if this project goes through.   —Teri Hein

Click here to see article in Port Townsend Leader