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Below is a list of links to news articles and other information about the proposed weapons training facility at Tarboo Lake, County ordinances which make gun ranges potentially feasible on this and other forest lands, weapons training at Fort Discovery, information about gun range legislation in Kitsap County and more.

How to Help

Title 8 and 18 Briefing by P. Hunsucker: Notes by Chair of TRC Permitting (CUP and SEPA) Committee, Diane Johnson

Talking Points for Planning Commission Meeting on November 5, 2019

TRC Overview of Fort Discovery History in Jefferson County

TRC’s How I Can Help Checklist

Upcoming Community Meetings FLYER

News articles about the work of Tarboo Ridge Coalition and the proposed weapons training facility

Planning commission: ‘No outdoor shooting ranges in Jefferson County’ – PT Leader

Port Townsend Witches Take on Notorious Survivalist and Gun Dealer

County conducts private mediation with Fort Discovery

Jefferson County should be a no doxxing zone

Planning commission under gun to fix shooting ordinances.

Letter: Approval of 6-month Moratorium

Will the real Jefferson County please stand up?

D’Amico inspiration for character in his lawyer’s ‘prepper’ novel series

9/26/2019 Spokane Inlander
An apocalyptic book series shows the type of society Rep. Matt Shea and his allies dream of rebuilding

09/25/19 ptleader
County enacts 2nd moratorium on shooting ranges

County should conduct public business in public

5/8/19 ptleader
State finds violations on Fort Discovery’s new range

4/7/19 Peninsula Daily News
Tarboo Ridge Coalition county gun range measure violates state law

1/24/19 Jefferson County Land Trust Newsletter
Concerts in the barn protected forever!

1/23/19  ptleader
Tarboo Ridge Coalition gears up for a new year

1/16/19 ptleader
Take advantage of wetlands to build your own gun range

1/10/2019 Peninsula Daily News
State tells D’Amico he ‘may’ have violated law on Tarboo Lake property

12/28/18 Peninsula Daily News
D’Amico files lawsuits alleging drone overflights and ‘aerial trespass’ at planned shooting facility

12/19/2018 ptleader
Shooting ordinance passes

12/12/2018 ptleader
Shooting debate persists

11/21/2018  ptleader.com
Coalition calls for on-site inspection

11/20/2018  Peninsula Daily News
Tarboo Ridge Coalition claims D’Amico making changes to planned shooting range site

10/17/2018 ptleader.com
Facility application sparks concern

10/16/2018  Peninsula Daily News
Permit application for work at proposed shooting facility site nets questions

3/14/2018  ptleader.com
Election: incumbent out; 2 vie for County Commission

2/23/2018, Peninsula Daily News
Shooting range moratorium in Jefferson County continued

2/21/2018, ptleader.com
Moratorium on shooting ranges moving ahead

2/16/18 , Peninsula Daily News
Jefferson County Commissioners mull action on shooting range moratorium

2/9/2018, Peninsula Daily News
Shooting range draws fire

2/7/2018, ptleader.com
Moratorium on shooting ranges

1/17/2018, Peninsula Daily News
Jefferson County approves mediation over D’Amico’s Tarboo Lake plans

1/3/2018, Peninsula Daily News
D’Amico moving on site near Tarboo Lake despite shooting range moratorium

12/20/2017, Peninsula Daily News
Jefferson County’s yearlong ban on shooting ranges puts D’Amico proposal on hold

10/29/2017, Peninsula Daily News
Shooting range to move? Fort Discovery owner eyes Tarboo area for facility

10/25/2017, ptleader.com
Fort Discovery owner asks for public understanding

10/4/2017, ptleader.com
Shooting range support: Legislators deny giving it

9/20/2017, ptleader.com
Shooting range’s proposed new site under fire

9/6/2017, ptleader.com
Shooting range targets new site

News articles about weapons training at Fort Discovery

8/9/2017, ptleader.com
Disruption on Disco Bay: Still happening

8/2/2017, ptleader.com
D’Amico claims name of neighborhood organization opposed to noise

7/28/2017, ptleader.com
Neighbors of Security Services Northwest in Discovery Bay say noise excessive

7/12/2017, ptleader.com
County should uphold rulings on SSNW

6/28/2017, ptleader.com
SSNW petition sparks debate: SSNW, opponents take case to county

Sportsman club wants pistol range, SSNW has indoor plan

1/8/2007, Seattle Times
Firing range too close for neighbors’ comfort

9/14/2005, ptleader.com
Judge issues restraining order against SSNW

Maritime laws tighten for Homeland Security

6/26/2002, ptleader.com
The business of national security

Information about gun range legislation in Kitsap County

Current County Code:
Kitsap County Code: Title 10 PEACE, SAFETY AND MORALS; Chapter 10.25 FIREARMS DISCHARGE

11/21/2017, Kitsap Sun
Appeals court upholds Kitsap County shooting range ordinance

9/6/2017, Kitsap Sun
Gun club’s cases heard by appeals court

1/21/2017, Kitsap Sun
Appeals court upholds Kitsap County shooting range ordinance

Public Documents

Court Case: Fort Discovery 2nd Amendment Suit

TRC Press Release: 1000 Voices at the Planning Commission Hearing

TRC opposition to County request to GMHB for FDO reconsideration.


Final Decision and Order: Tarboo Ridge Coalition v. Jefferson County

Watch the 6/11/2019 Growth Management Hearings Board Hearing in which TRC and County Attorneys Present Arguments for and against Legitimacy of New Commercial Shooting Range Ordinances.

TRC Press Release: Hearings Board Questions Jefferson County About Title 8 Shooting Ordinance. Read Release. (PDF, 1 page)

TRC Press Release: Jefferson County Department of Community Development Reprimands Fort Discovery. Read release. (PDF, 1 page, 278K)

Letter from Jefferson County Department of Community Development to Fort Discovery, Inc. summarizing site visit. Read letter.  (PDF, 8 pages, 954K)

TRC Press Release: Tarboo Ridge Coalition files Prehearing Brief with Growth Management Hearings Board. Read release. (PDF, 1 page, 61K)

Growth Management Hearings Board Brief. Read brief. (PDF, 26 pages, 283K)

Aerial Photo showing “Cedar Hills” development in potential violation of Local and State Regulations. View photo. (PDF, 1 page, 2MB)

TRC Press Release: D’Amico in Violation of Local and State Regulations. Read release. (PDF, 2 pages, 67KB)

Complaint to Jefferson County Department of Community Development concerning potential violation of local and state regulations at Cedar Hills development. Read complaint. (PDF, 4 pages, 960KB)

Tarboo Ridge Coalition submits this public comment regarding proposed amendments to Title 18 relating to shooting facilities. View public comment (7 pages, 200K).

Tarboo Ridge Coalition suggests changes to the Draft Commercial Shooting Facilities Ordinance. View the suggested changes (46 pages, 350K).

The moratorium review committee presented a draft ordinance to the Board of County Commissioners. View the draft ordinance (PDF, 107 pages, 2.5MB).

The Tarboo Ridge Coalition submitted a comment letter regarding the one-year moratorium on commercial shooting ranges in Jefferson County. View the letter (PDF, 5 pages, 453KB)

Jefferson County established a moratorium on commercial shooting ranges. View the moratorium (PDF, 5 pages, 362KB)

The Ark Group filed a complaint against Joesph D’Amico and spouse and the marital community composed thereof Security Services Northwest, Inc. and Fort Discovery, Inc. View the complaint. (PDF, 9 pages, 4MB)

Philip Morley, Jefferson County Administrator and Michael Haas, Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney submitted a letter to attorneys Mr. Setchell and Mr. Overstreet regarding unpermitted structures and non-confirming uses at Discovery Bay. View the letter (PDF, 7 pages, 4MB) See also two exhibits that accompanied the letter. (PDF, 12 pages, 6MB)

Security Services Northwest submitted a pre-application for a recreational and training facility at Tarboo Lake. View the application. (PDF, 300 pages, 29MB)

Stray Bullets

Range of bullets fired from handguns and rifles, from the Official Washington Hunter Safety Course Online

Lead Contamination

From the Environmental Protection Agency: Best management practices for lead outdoor shooting ranges, EPA-902-B-01-001, Revised June 2005


9/25/2019 Let’s Get It Right this Time!


9/23/2019 Petition to Jefferson County Board of Commissioners

9/23/2019 Petition to Washington State Attorney General

Letter Templates

9/25/2019 Letter templates to the Attorney General as PDFs: 1, 2

9/4/2019 Download an example letter to Attorney General Scott Ferguson (a white screen will show. Check your downloads folder to see the letter).


9/4/2019 Invitation to Septem ber 15, 2019 Community Meeting