One last pre-Thanksgiving assignment

Yes! Another Call to Action!

Keep our gun ranges small and recreational!

TRC supported the moratorium because we thought we would have a stronger ordinance to protect the county. This has not happened. The previous ordinance supported “small, recreational gun ranges”. The new one allows for large commercial ranges. There is overwhelming support in this county to keep gun ranges small and recreational.

The members of the Planning Commission voted to urge the Commissioners to adopt the following amendments to the current draft:

• No military or law enforcement training on new ranges. (Currently local law enforcement trains at the Jefferson County Sportsman Club.)
• Add a 500 yard set-back from any public lake
• Limit hours of shooting from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
• No aircraft allowed to take off or land, and no shooting from aircraft.

At the end of the evening, Michael Nilsen, Planning Commissioner Chair, reminded everyone that the Planning Commission only makes recommendations to the BoCC. It is the prerogative of the BoCC to accept the recommendations, change them or ignore them.

He urged all of us to continue to let our representatives know exactly how we feel.

CALL OR WRITE the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners. Ask them to please adopt the recommended amendments from the Planning Commission.

Kate Dean Phone: 360-385-9157 email:
Kathleen Kler Phone: 360-385-9101 email:
David Sullivan Phone: 360-385-9103 email:

Write or call today… and then enjoy your Thanksgiving. We have a beautiful county for which we can be so thankful and so worthy of our protection. Thank you for your help.

Tarboo Ridge Coalition.