The TRC Responds to Draft Shooting Range Ordinance

The TRC submitted 12 changes to Jefferson County’s draft commercial shooting range ordinance. The effort thus far is a good start, but fails to meet the goals outlined in the Moratorium Ordinance. The draft ordinance needs to be strengthened to protect people, places, and property.

We propose twelve essential changes to the County’s draft ordinance:

  1.  No outdoor night shooting.
  2. Limit on number of firing points.
  3. No aircraft.
  4. No overnight accommodations.
  5. Environmental testing for copper.
  6. Environmental testing to establish pre-operation baseline.
  7. Consequences for permit violations.
  8. Improved permit procedures.
  9. Nuisances noise defined and prohibited.
  10. Whistleblower protection.
  11. Retention of existing no-shooting areas.
  12. Military and law enforcement certification.

These changes will strengthen environmental protection through soil and water testing, and improve safety through limits on the intensity of shooting. Our changes provide for more public involvement through notice and comment, will eliminate dangerous operational practices, and will reduce nuisance noise levels. Read the entire TRC response.