TRC at the Jefferson County Fair – August 2019


The Tarboo Ridge Coalition’s Jefferson County Fair booth received many visitors over the August 11th weekend. And did they ever have questions!! In a nutshell most people were simply dumbfounded by the County Commission’s recent new ordinance that allows private, for profit military and paramilitary training in 76% of unincorporated Jefferson County.

Why was there no State Environmental Review? Why was the Planning Commission ignored? Why is the County allowing a paramilitary training facility to be built on the shoreline of Tarboo Lake without any permits? Why is the County holding secret meetings with a Corporation intent on destroying the peace and tranquility of Jefferson County residents? In future posts we will provide more background and try to answer the most frequently asked questions we heard at the fair. When we can’t explain the County’s behavior, we’ll suggest who at the County you might contact.

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth and took the time to share their thoughts and support! This issue will take years of diligence and tenacity but together we will prevail and preserve the farms, forests and friendly atmosphere we all treasure.

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