What have Joe D’Amico and his attorney been doing lately?

They’ve been busy.

Mr. Greg Overstreet has stated in multiple letters to individuals in our community that “Mr. D’Amico hired me as full-time, in-house counsel to, among other things, pursue defamation actions against people who knowingly misrepresent the truth about him and his business, especially to permitting authorities.” And: “Please have your attorney contact me within the next 10 days.”

Since becoming a full-time employee of Security Services Northwest, Inc. on September 25, 2017, Mr. Overstreet has filed:

  • Three claims of defamation mailed in letters to individuals in the community; and
  • Two “Claims for Damages” against Jefferson County totaling $101 million dollars–one claim for $100 million and another for $1 million. These include hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.


  • Why does Mr. D’Amico bring or threaten to bring so many claims and lawsuits?
  • Does this seem like the work of someone who supports the betterment of Jefferson County, given that for every dollar that the county must spend responding to Mr. D’Amico is money taken away from community needs?
  • Is Mr. D’Amico trying to get the taxpayers of Jefferson County to help make his payroll?

There are a lot of questions.

Stay tuned.

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